Colin Bell & Neil Slorance

Colin Bell & Neil Slorance

In Episode 4 we chat with Colin Bell and Neil Slorance. Colin and Neil recently concluded their all-ages comic book series Dungeon Fun, having swept the board at the 2014 Scottish Independent Comic Book Awards and launched a collected edition in September. They also produce a humour strip for the monthly Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor title from Titan Comics.



In a freewheeling and funny conversation with the lads we cover how the two met; the importance they place on creating a child-friendly comic; how they landed the Doctor Who gig and the controversial debate over whether their stories are canon in the Whoniverse; the fleeting nature of internet fame; tortoises; and lots more. Also, Terry gets schooled on the pronunciation of “kawaii”.


WARNING: this episode contains mild spoilers for both Dungeon Fun and upcoming Doctor Who strips.


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